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Interactive Networked Web Audio Experiences

Each of these small web toys contain a distinct musical experience, all controlled by the same interface, which explores the superimposition of different sequence lengths. Interaction is shared between all connected users and state is preserved for upcoming users. This way people from around the world can share their experience and leave trails for upcoming users to discover.

Choose your favourite instrument from below and then click on one of the circular sequences to claim it (you can't interact with red sequences, which are currently used by other players). You can change the sequence length, rotate the sequence or switch notes on and off. Please be careful with your volume, it can get loud!

Hello iOS user! If you have iOS 6 installed you basically can play it, but I tested it on an iPad 2 and it was too slow to run it fluidly. An iPad 3 or iPhone 5 might be able to run it well but I couldn't test it. If you tried it please let me know!

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Sorry, your Browser doesn't support Web Audio API.
Use Apple Safari 6 (or greater) or a recent version of Google Chrome.

All audio is sequenced or synthesized with Web Audio API. Keep in mind, that Web Audio API is very new and browser implementations may have problems on their own. If sound is glitching terribly please restart your browser. Also note, that you will need a decent computer to run it well. This is still a work in progress, so come back later to see new instruments. If something doesn't work please contact me.

Created in February 2013 by Patrick Borgeat (@cappelnord) for Network Music Festival 2013 (Birmingham, UK).

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